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7 Online Jobs Anyone Can Do!

Hey, I used to be a new blogger — five years ago — so not so far back that I can’t remember how it feels to be totally intimidated by the whole thing and want to give up many times! 

I’m going to share my story of how I got started earning money online. It has plenty of twists and turns and me learning various skills to figure out what I really wanted to settle on.

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Spoiler Alert:

7 online jobs I’ve done with no prior experience

  • Proofreader for court reporters (yes, you can get paid for reading boring stuff!!).
  • Freelance writing ( I’ve written many articles for websites/bloggers).
  • Made money with my blog (and sold it a couple years ago for a nice profit).
  • WordPress website builder/designer (I still do this one occasionally).
  • Selling digital products (planners for bloggers, calendars, eBooks etc.).
  • WordPress course creator/trainer (I’m very passionate about showing women that you don’t have to be a tech wizard to have a successful WordPress blog.
  • Virtual Assistant work (I didn’t delve into this one nearly as much as I should have — the $$ can be really good with this one as it’s in high demand!).

This is a pretty typical story for lots of us entrepreneurs or freelancers who start out not knowing exactly what we’re good at, or what can actually earn a steady income.

In this post I’ll include many great working online options that truly work

I enjoyed each step that led to my current online business as a WordPress trainer and blogger.

** Side note: the courses and resources I list made a huge difference in my life and therefore I’m thrilled to partner with them. If you make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission.

When I started my online working journey, I was really worried about how long it would take for me to make money and whether a blog could actually earn an income.

I got started in the fall of 2015 after making a hard decision not to return to college to finish my degree like I’d planned. So, the income I had counted on from getting my teaching degree wouldn’t be coming in. 

My daughter, Caroline, died of suicide just that summer. She was only 21 years old. It shattered my life, my world, and my mind. I had nothing in me to finish a degree. 

After several months of numbness, I desperately needed something to apply my mind to — and possibly find a way to bring in a small income.

I searched ‘Online Jobs with No Experience Necessary’ in Google

I found a proofreading course, but I was very skeptical. I even called court reporting agencies to make sure the online job was legit. It turns out that all court transcripts do need proofreading!

The course was vigorous, but I loved every minute of it. The routine of my studies gave me something to get up for in the morning. 

You can read my full story of how coffee and routine (and that course) literally kept me alive in the first six months after my daughter disappeared from our world.

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Freelance writing is a great online job that’s legit!

Fast-forward a year and I still enjoyed proofreading for court reporters but I longed to write content of my own. So I took a writing course and decided to add freelance writing to my services. 

That course, “Earn More Writing” was a game-changer!

One of the first jobs I landed after taking the fabulous writing course was ghostwriting about finance and mortgages.

This led to a steady gig of writing a blog post a week for a large money-saving site. I was beginning to realize there are many online jobs anyone can do. If I could do this, so could anyone else!

I loved the mix of reading and writing for income. Reading court transcripts was super boring (most of the time) — except for the one about the love affair between a professor and his student.

Content writing pulled me out of the blah I’d been feeling from reading hours and hours of transcripts.

This is when I started my blog to earn money

After a year and a half of proofreading, I decided to focus only on my writing. This is also when I decided to start my own blog.

I’d already been writing for a large money-saving blog (someone else’s), so it made sense to start writing for myself as well.

All was good until I tried to tackle WordPress! 

Oh my god … talk about landing in hell and not knowing how to climb out … LOL.

Maybe you can relate? I had big dreams of monetizing that shiny new blog — only to sit and stare at the utter confusion that was my dashboard — it made me want to drink.  

Over the next five months or so, with the help of a really nice and patient tech person who worked for the website I was writing for — along with a ton of YouTube videos — I learned enough WordPress to get my blog going in the right direction. 

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After two years of running my finance blog, I actually sold it because — GET THIS! — I fell in love with the WordPress platform and learned how to build and design websites.

I really enjoyed it and that’s also how my love for WordPress training began.

Building nice websites isn’t as hard as it seems. And if you find you’ve got a flair for tech, I highly encourage you to explore that avenue as well.

More than anything, though, I am proud of the WordPress course I created for new bloggers and VAs so they wouldn’t have to feel like I did when I first saw WordPress.

[No one should have to piece together dozens of videos just to learn how to set up and run their own blog. The training I provide is in easy-to-learn chunks and is especially for anyone who thinks they’re hopeless when it comes to tech stuff.]

What a journey this has been! 

I’m still a blogger.

I have three — including this blog you’re reading where I write informative posts to help bloggers with WordPress as well as ideas and strategies for earning money with a blog or website services of various kinds. 

If I could do it again, I’d become a virtual assistant

If I had only known that VAs were a thing back when I was trying to figure out how to earn a good income online as a beginner, I would have jumped in with BOTH feet! 

I guess helping create content for other blogs (by freelance writing) was pretty close to VA work, but there are a million things you can offer as a VA, and I had no idea. 

You can read my other post specifically about becoming a VA for more details … but believe me when I tell you — VA work is probably the fastest way to monetize online if you really need some cash before your blog is pulling in regular money (from ads, your own products, etc). 

Small business owners really need VAs

Just imagine what it takes to run a successful online business when things really take off. 
Keeping up with social media alone could take up your entire life.

This is where offering virtual assistant services is a great idea. When people scale their online businesses, they definitely need help. And lots of it!

Depending on the platform, it’s super time intensive to maintain a proper presence on social media to keep awareness of your brand or business going forward. VAs can help with this!

Here’s a short list of other tasks VAs can help with:

  • Facebook group admins (some groups have thousands of members!).
  • Social media graphics (for dozens of posts made on various platforms).
  • Appointment setting/calendar management.
  • Answering emails and providing customer service.
  • Facebook and Pinterest ads.
  • Creating videos for YouTube & TikTok (and editing help!).
  • Writing emails to a blogger’s readers.
smiling young woman at white desk with hand on laptop - online jobs for anyone

Chances are, you may be really good at some of this stuff — or at least interested in learning it. If so, there’s a demand for what you have to offer in the world of virtual assistance. I promise you that. 

Since the pandemic happened, and the world basically went virtual — think of all the people and businesses who are struggling to keep up with the hassle of doing everything online. 

A VA with tech knowledge is gold

Zoom use when up a million percent I’m sure.

And so did the confusion of how to use it correctly, or how to do video lessons for students, edit them properly, or produce digital booklets, and papers etc. 

If you know anything about tech, Zoom, creating eBooks, handouts etc. etc. — you could be sitting on a gold mine of information people would gladly throw money your way to help them with.

Getting really good at WordPress (with my course, of course!) also adds a very lucrative service to offer business owners who now have to rely on their websites a good bit more than ever before to keep business afloat. 

Hardly anyone knows how to manage their own website, update plugins, edit content, or add their own content as a business owner. It’s way too confusing and time consuming. 

They hire someone (or multiple people) to take care of that for them. YOU could be one of those people if you enjoy blogging, don’t mind learning WordPress or already have a knack for it! 

Being a VA really is an online job anyone can do

It does take focus, training, and a willingness to keep learning new skills, but if you’re looking for good money and a flexible schedule, I’m not sure you can do better than this one.

If VA work has sparked your interest, there’s an amazing virtual assistant trainer who’s wildly successful business took off when she started it while on maternity leave.

She was able to replace her full-time income just in the time she took for maternity leave by starting her own virtual assistant business. 

I can’t think of anyone more qualified — or more passionate about VA work — to teach others how to be a successful VA than Abbey. 

Here’s a link for her FREE VA workshop. If you need to make money right away, jump into her workshop and see how she made it happen for herself (and thousands of students at this point!). 

Here’s what just a few of her students say about her course and what it did for their incomes … even as new VAs!!

You can find more information about her signature course right here.

Pssst . . . it comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee too!

You can also sell digital products & printables

If VA work isn’t in your wheelhouse right now and you want extra help figuring out how to bring in a little cash with your blog, Suzi Whitford is the queen of earning with a blog.

Her amazing Printables by Number course teaches you how to make dozens of simple, elegant, and fun printables to offer on your blog to bring in some extra cash. 

This training is also great for virtual assistants who want to be able to offer these great graphic designs as part of their services.

From calendars and planners to cheat sheets and eBooks, Suzi teaches ALL OF IT in step-by-step videos. No graphic design experience needed at all!

Here’s an idea of HOW MUCH Suzi packs into her courses for her students!

You’ll LOVE this course. It’s easy, inexpensive, and very fun. AND it gives you a way to monetize your blog right away.

I’ve taken four of Suzi’s courses over the years, and she absolutely loves on her students and goes above and beyond in the value she pours into her trainings! 

In conclusion, I hope that my journey through several online jobs anyone can do (without having experience ahead of time!) has inspired you to investigate some of your own options.

If you need any additional info or advice, reach out to me in the comments and I’m happy to help!

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