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Ready to start that blog and gather your perfect tribe of readers?

Our Women on WordPress Blog-Launch Challenge will take you from dreaming of a blog to sitting down each morning, coffee in hand — and publishing your unique content. 

⦁ It’s completely FREE.
⦁ It takes only FIVE DAYS — one email a day with simple video instruction!
⦁ You’ll be guided step-by-step from choosing a name, setting up your site, adding a theme, to writing your first post.
⦁ Prepare to amaze yourself with skills you never thought you had!



You’ve been writing blog posts for six months and don’t have a website to put them on.

The overwhelm of where to start has you wondering if it’s even worth it at this point.

Or maybe you’ve got serious doubts about your tech skills and you’re about to pay someone else to set up your blog 

Am I getting close? 

With all the choices for hosting, domain name, and the confusing terminology, I understand how easy it is to become paralyzed.

Let’s help you feel excited again!

Having the right training to set up a WordPress blog is a game-changer.

5 days of video instruction + printable guidebook will have you blogging in less than a week!

Hi there, I'm Stephanie!

And I want to help you launch a gorgeous blog of your own in record time.

Set up a WordPress blog challenge. Start your own blog in just five days!

As a new blogger several years back, there was no training to help me set up my blog without piecing together hours of YouTube videos.  

It was pure chaos and took me weeks to finally get up and running.

The thought of other bloggers going through that inspired me to create a lifeline for other women who want a blog of their own. 

And that’s how the Women on WordPress Blog-Launch Challenge was born. 

It’s literally the sanity-saver beginning bloggers have been waiting for. 

Stephanie’s course is the reason I have been able to get my blog up and running so quickly. I am not great with technology and I had heard that WordPress was difficult to use, particularly for beginners. So I was a bit nervous. But Stephanie is a great teacher. Her lessons are clear and easy to follow. She takes you through every step of creating your site all the way to publishing a blog post.

Amy Geist

Blogger | Author


  • Have a gorgeous blog up and running.
  • Know how to install your own theme.
  • Know how and where to publish your first blog post.
  • Feel overjoyed to finally have your own little corner of the web — so you can crush your blogging goals!

 Women on WordPress Blog-Launch Challenge

Here's what you get

Eight Video Lessons + 30-Page Printable Guide Including:

⦁ Choosing and purchasing a domain name
⦁ Setting up your hosting account
⦁ Connecting your domain name with your host
⦁ Installing WordPress
⦁ Securing your site with an SSL certificate
⦁ How to log in + some important settings
⦁ How and where to publish your first blog post
⦁ Installing a theme to make your blog beautiful


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