Calling All Women Ready to Blog

Learn how to start and run your own beautiful blog without stressing over the tech

The dramatic shortcut to simplifying WordPress!

Even if you’ve tried and failed … tried and failed … to figure out WordPress, this course is JUST for you!

The CLEAR and EASY-TO-FOLLOW WordPress training that empowers you to build & run your own blog without wasting time or feeling embarrassed!!

There are many trainings on launching a WordPress blog.

I swear I’ve encountered every one of them!

Raise your hand if you've experienced this.

Rapid-Fire Style Course

Here’s where the instructor throws everything at you at once. It’s on you to keep up with these high-demands while also juggling the kids and house.

Dry Do-As-I-Say Style

This is where the removed instructor drags you down a path without engaging with you. You know, “Do as I say" -- that is, if you can stay awake.

Assumption-Based Style

This course assumes you already know about blogging or WordPress or both! This forces you to play catch up from the very beginning.

If I’ve heard these once, I’ve heard them 1000 TIMES!!

“WordPress is easy.”
“Just watch a few YouTube tutorials and you’ll be fine.”
I could fill a book with comments & messages from women who wasted hours on free WP tutorials and GAVE UP their blogging dream in tears. 


WordPress isn't easy for beginners.

Can you identify?


* Free tutorials don’t provide any support. 
* Too many people talked at you rather than showed you. 
* You want to do things right and got stuck trying to move forward. 

I was there once too!

Trust me. I totally get it. A few years back, I felt like there was no training to help set up my blog and learn WordPress the right way instead of piecing a bunch of information together. 

It got me to thinking.
If I was feeling this way… How many other women were feeling this way too?

So, after years of trial and error and launching my own successful blog…
I decided to create a lifeline for other women


Imagine waking up in the morning with joy in your heart before rolling out of bed. You are fired up because you’re about to steal an hour of “ME Time” before tending to the kids.

You grab a cup of coffee and stroll over to the computer. Ideas freely flow as you write your blog post for the day. A smile creeps through when you click a few sharing buttons to share the post with your tribe.

Now your valuable words are officially out there for the world to see. If that sounds like your idea of mental stimulation, keep reading.

I want you to know how effective the course was for me. Honestly, I wish I had this course when I started, because I think the biggest regret I have is the domain name I chose. I always get confused with pages versus homepages, or static vs fixed pages. That section was so helpful. I’ve also been a little lost with setting up the menu.
Now I know exactly what to do. Thank you!

Gabriela Mendoza

Blogger | Author

Grab a cocktail!

There is finally a WordPress blogging course designed by women for women. Cheers!

Introducing … 


An On-Demand Course for women who are ready to blog.

 step by step

This is NO dump-it-all-on-you course. You go at your own pace, but it’s in small, bite-sized pieces with each lesson building a foundation for the next part.  Each module has a specific purpose and will equip you to understand WordPress and your dashboard better and better. You’ll also get plenty of instruction for things like proper image practices, best plugins for beginners, and a LOT MORE!

Engagement & support

This is a far cry from the dry, do-as-I-say courses you may have experienced. There’s plenty of humor mixed with engaging visual content. With a strong mix of video, as well as written material, you’ll feel confident that every angle is covered. I show you from the very beginning what we’re doing and why. Lastly, I’m a real person who cares. If you get stuck and need support, just shoot me an email, and I’ll answer! 


When I tried to learn WordPress years ago, all instructors assumed I knew what they were talking about, and I felt like an idiot. This course does not use language that alienates you or makes you feel dumb. We begin as though you’re a blank slate — ready to enter the exciting world of WordPress and all it can do for your blogging business. It starts from the beginning and you’ll never be talked down to!

Get up and running without the overwhelm ... like Marcia

Your voice is amazing! So clear and easy to understand. The course was easy to follow and the flow was great as well. You covered the basics and then got into the nitty-gritty. I liked how you had text but also had videos to reference, SO HELPFUL! You also showed different examples which was a plus. And you showed exactly what we need to get up and running ... as a new blogger you are so overwhelmed and everyone said WP would be easy! It wasn't for me! I really enjoyed taking the course!

Marcia Lino

Who is This Course For?

* Intelligent women who may have a touch of perfectionism [wink].
* Those who’d like some mental stimulation outside of mommy duties [you deserve that].
* Women who long to blog but don’t think they’re techy enough [totally wrong – we’ll show you].
* Those who’d like to succeed right out of the gate [gotcha covered].

If that sounds like you … 

* This is a self-paced course that’s flexible and fits your schedule.
There are more than 27 lessons.
PLUS 4 BONUS Lessons that dive deeper into styling and tech maintenance topics so you’ll be a pro in no time!
 Keep scrolling to see what’s waiting for you on the other side.

Learn Your Way!

This course truly starts from the very beginning. This clear, comprehensive, and convenient training positions you to learn on your terms.

Whether you want to sneak in an hour while the kids are plugging away at virtual learning, or you want to kick-off the day with ME Time, you can decide how to pencil it into your schedule.



Module 1: Catapult Your Confidence

mockup of lessons for wordpress course

This module takes your confidence to new heights as you set up your own site. 

  • Identify the right WordPress vs. the wrong one
  • Explore what a domain name is and how to get one
  • Choose a powerful domain name to represent you and your blog
  • Set up hosting
  • Connect your name with the host
  • Install WordPress

Module 2: Dashboard Mastery

mockup image of lessons for wordpress course

This is where you’ll gain TECH CONFIDENCE you never knew you had! I’ve made this section super easy for you to navigate. 

  • Dive into your dashboard overview
  • Discover the difference between posts and pages
  • Explore how to create a blog post using classic & Gutenberg editors
  • Create blog posts and identify what pages you should include
  • Resize and compress images

Module 3: The Magic of Themes

mockup image of lessons in wordpress course for beginners

This is where THINGS GET FUN! We’ll select a beautiful theme that’ll match your blogging needs.

  • Learn what a theme is
  • Our recommended themes
  • The difference between a child theme and a parent theme — and why that’s important
  • How to install your theme
  • What themes should you avoid.

Module 4: Categories, Menus & Plugins

This module signals you’re ALMOST AT THE FINISH LINE! Let’s complete this brilliantly and beautifully. 

  • How to set up categories for your blog posts
  • How categories help your audience
  • How to set up your blog menu
  • What plugins are and how to install them
  • My recommended plugins for beginners

WordPress expertise, comprehensive content, and the support of a dedicated Facebook group easily values this course at over $1900.

But I’m here to help you get up and running in record time.

So, when you enroll in the Women On WordPress course you won’t have to pay $1900.

You won’t even have to pay $500. 

When you invest in yourself today, you’ll snag this value-packed course for only $97.

But this offer is only available for a limited time. So, I encourage you to get started right away.


  • Feel empowered to conquer your blog
  • Reduce the fear of failure
  • Have a beautiful, functional blog up and running
  • Be positioned to monetize your blog

Meet Your Instructor

Hi I’m Stephanie

Today, I’m a web designer and content creator, and I sold my blog for a profit last year. But not too long ago I was where you might be right now.

I recall the days of banging my head against the computer keyboard frustrated from not being able to figure out this WordPress blogging thing. It literally drove me to pour a second glass of wine.

Long story short… I never received the type of support I was searching for. I longed for a guiding hand with a side order of compassion.

Something tells me you want that blogging dish too. That’s exactly why I designed this course.

I wanted to create a safe space for female bloggers like you to come and get the support you crave. If you are ready to take the next step… LET’S GET STARTED.

Stephanie's course is the reason I have been able to get my blog up and running so quickly. I'm not great with technology and I had heard that WordPress was difficult to use, particularly for beginners. So I was a bit nervous. But Stephanie is a great teacher. Her lessons are clear and easy to follow.
Amy Geist
Author | Blogger | Freelance Writer

Indulge in these JUICY BONUSES!

When you enroll today, you’ll receive several exclusive gifts that’ll take your blogging knowledge to the next level.

  • Bonus #1: DOUBLE RENO — Quickly add style to your site with demo content, then replace it with your own.
  • Bonus #2: BACKUP THE TRUCK — How to make a daily backup of your site and store it in the cloud.
  • Bonus #3: PLUGIN PERFECTION — Master the art of updating plugins without crashing your site. 
When I first learned WP, I truly was scouring YouTube for videos and tutorials (FOR HOURS) to walk me through the process. And even when I found the tutorials I was nervous about making an irreparable mistake the whole time! Your course would have saved me a lot of stress! 🙂
Sarita Smith
Virtual Assistant

Ironclad Guarantee

I know that you can do this. Thanks to these amazing WordPress tools, You’ll be launching your own blog in no time flat. In fact, I’m 100% confident my course and teaching methods can get you from blogging fog to blogging success.

So, if you’re not satisfied with any of the tools I’ve shared to help you succeed with your WP site… Contact me within the first 14 days of purchase and we’ll refund you every penny of your purchase order. No questions asked.

Take the Next Step

Launching your own blog really isn’t so scary once you have the right type of support. If you take my hand, I promise to help you every step of the way.

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside!

MODULE 1: Catapult Your Confidence 
(Valued at $299)

MODULE 2: Dashboard Mastery
(Valued at $299)

MODULE 3: The Magic of Themes
(Valued at $299)

MODULE 4: Categories, Menus & Plugins
(Valued at $299)

BONUS 1: Double Reno
(Valued at $99)

BONUS 2: Backup the Truck
(Valued at $99)

BONUS 3: Plugin Perfection
(Valued at $99)


Total Value = $1592

Regular Price = $197

Today’s Price = $97

For a limited amount of time.

Women on WordPress FAQs

Then this course is perfect for you! 

Our lessons are designed for beginners. They’re easy to follow with terms that are carefully explained. The videos really help to reinforce and further explain each lesson as well. 

That’s great! 

If you’ve already started, but you’re spending hours on YouTube tutorials for WordPress … you’re in the right place! We’ll make mastering your dashboard a breeze. 

There’s no timeframe for the course. You’ll get instant access to the course after payment and can go at your own pace. Access is unlimited. You can even pop in and out for refreshers on any topic! 

This course has several different formats because everyone learns differently. 

Most lessons have a text-based lesson within the course platform. 

And every lesson will also be in PDF format for you to print or use offline, if you choose. 

There are also 2+ hours of video instruction for visual learners. 

If you’re not satisfied with any of the tools I’ve shared to help you succeed with your WP site… Contact me within the first 14 days of purchase and we’ll refund you every penny of your purchase order. No questions asked.

If you’ve looked through the questions and information on this page and still have concerns, please reach out and we’d be happy to help!

Grab Your Spot Inside Women on WordPress Today!